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released December 6, 2019

Adam Goldman plays guitars and sings. Jairus Dathan Smith sings, plays keyboards, lead guitars, percussion, and baritone saxophone. David Gilde plays bass guitar in most cases, sings, and does keyboards. Liam McNamera plays all percussion except in just a few cases..

Awkward Sheri Dietrich : sings in the chorus. Invasive Species Jairus : baritone saxophone. Yer Wings Adam : piano - Sam Ross : cello, and Jairus : synth.
Liquefied Sheri Dietrich : lead guitar – Gilles : drums - Sam Ross : bass – Grilch : Rhodes – Liam : percussion. Wrong Tambourine Adam – piano, drums.
Easy Sam Ross : Cello Molasses Jonathan Jayne : drums – Sam Ross : Bass – Grilch : Synth – Jairus : smooth guitar Free Wishes Grilch – Percussion, keyboards, and toy piano - Jairus : additional vocals. Arson Jonathan Jayne : drums OK Jesse Stevens : flute. Grilch : shaker – Liam : tambourine - Flat Earth Cole Christensen : additional vocals – Grilch : hammer dulcimer, keyboards. Liam & Grilch : Dr. Sample – Jairus : keyboards and vocals.

All songs recorded by Class M Planets at Treefort Lounge, Portland, OR, and drums on Arson and Molasses at Falcon Studios, Portland, OR by Mark Kaeder.

All songs mixed by Mark Kaeder at Falcon Studios.
Mastered by Ryan Foster at Foster Mastering, Portland, OR
Mastered for vinyl by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Audio, Portland, OR.
Cover paintings, illustrations, and layout by Cary Porter.


all rights reserved



Class M Planets Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Awkward

It gets old everything uncertain
You are awkward and I’d give myself to you
Keep looking only that far apart

Boarded up the windows broken is the phone
You’re a communist and I love you
But you’re not real
Keep looking only that far apart

Two separate elsewheres wish they were the same
You are in one of them and I’m to blame for this
Keep looking only that far apart

Keep out or love me through a hazmat suit
send ya letters send ya proof
of what happens fast and lasts forever
Keep looking only that far apart
Track Name: Invasive Species
Invasive Species

In my mind I’m Fred Astaire
Oh the world seems so unfair
Mushroom Cloud, radio signal
Hurry up I gotta write it down before I forget it
Skull and crossbones cautionary
Straight from the bottle common sense
Skull and crossbone flask is asking politely
Like sleepwalking nightly
Artillery shells and maybe bayonettes in case
We’re face to face. Throwing knives can’t control
Landmines careful
From my thoughts I got a talking to
Like a hitchhikin thumb I want some
Invasive species overwhelming
You can blame the stupid soil
Keep on going out there
Track Name: Yer Wings
Yer Wings

For once look outside
There’s a hiding place for you there
New layers warm shore is a storm
In the rearview
Look out I’m running late
Feeling how I’m leaking poison
The storm fast forward
In its way holiday
Fluorescent Light neon light
Read about how to feel
Summon devils make you shiver
After the light goes on and on forever
A door or a portal-of-sorts
In smell and taste you reawaken
Receiving revelation let the
Whim-whams overtake ya
Keep it soft and catchy
Kind of simple
Track Name: Liquefied

Oh, my love you are truly made of winter snow days
Oh my eyes must be looking every place
Leaves all around ya
It is a fact that not much will ever come of that
Reborn somehow starting now
Hey another day as basic as merely waking
Waking up anxious same as relaxing
Fingers siphon soil something real
The madness you feel, It’s strange appeal
Glad that you said I should get a turntable
Like handling soil directly
Never could grow out of restless feeling
Keepin’ me breathing
Liquefied we keep finding new hiding places
Track Name: Wrong Tambourine
Wrong Tambourine

Syllable noise cheaper than the breeze
Chemical boy is piety and sleaze
Old bones focus on the past
Falling down get back (calling you)
Closing shut might not make it
Tell you what secret ingredients
Track Name: Easy

Find some peace sweet evergreen
Callous bones and rocket stones
The wild spirit follows you home
Cry on the evergreen shoulder
Keeps you from getting older how it
Feels going in alone
How high would you climb?
Would you swim for it - does it come easy?
Lightning rod, electric node
The rush of feeling almost kills me dead
Silent girl at ease in the trees at ease in the trees
Track Name: Skyward

Baby baby you pine off the deep end keep looking
The mermaids they sink near the bank of the drink
On their way to the deep blue city
Under layers and layers at least a few
It is true that the blue would be deep and would keep
for another month or two
Baby baby so nice like silk or velvet like silk or velvet
The mermaids they see the little bubbles raising upward
Through the deep blue city
Counting layers and layers at least a few
Where the light doesn’t go no instrument of measurement knows
Can you from wherever you live find me?
Billy the bird, margot the wild one
Something she heard made him go skyward
Lizard Lou and his daughter too
Something absurd made them go skyward
Wrapped you a gift, dropped it in the post
Looks like you have just seen a ghost
Track Name: Change

Echos faintly as it takes a lot out of me
It knocks the wind out of me
Oblique strategy- takes a lot out of me
It knocks the wind out of me
And it’s sad, straight lines and waves of sunshine
I’m glad that you’re here. I packed an overnight bag
In case I’m only holding on to things
In case it’s time, in case it’s time to change
Piece together twilight unable to, I label you
Unformed clay, it’s yours to play with
Shapes your imagination and it’s sad
Track Name: Nervous Breakthrough
Nervous Breakthrough

I watched your eyes roll back you started scribbling
Seems you were possessed but I don’t know
Don’t expect the moon to love you back
Oh really, thanks for saying that
You have discovered another life
Complete amnesia guides your writing device
It feels like hot and cold at the same time, all the crazy energy aligns.
Empty, waiting to be filled - then again filled is what killed it
Sort of need my own amnesia equal nights
One, two,
nervous breakthrough
Don’t predict a floor beneath your feet
Cause your likely floating above nothing
For a second we held on and it burnt out so fast
One day you’ll just stop keeping track
Cause you’ll lose your self
Don’t expect the moon to love you back
Cause you’ll lose yourself
Track Name: Molasses

Close on the Brink, yeah just one footprint further
One can easily step off the side –
Staring out, at the stars each equally forgotten
You have gotten close enough to growing up.
Blue, green, red - candy affects your head sugar level falling
Who are you when you’re not so messed up
Making molasses the same everlasting
Close to exact you wish you could but can’t admit it
You can get lost wander off please don’t say I’m sorry
Finding your mischief, right where you left it
You can get lost wander off please don’t say I’m sorry
Track Name: Free Wishes
Free Wishes

Gears go missing from this clock
Time moves on it’s wrong and somehow itstops
And somehow that angers you.
Masterfully fill me up with danger in case I don’t make it
Your secret I keep it safe
A lonely wish you would make, you’re given only three wishes
Pretty much everybody else is given none
Free wishes for everyone
Once upon a time Satan be with you pink lemonade
Hollow dried out tree in your head
Track Name: Arson

You had arson in ya all along somewhere in there sparkling
World changing you are maybe me I think I know
Minty tasting season snow
Rolling hills all dry and yellow taking along
All that matters in the long run
How can we find silence hearing loud
Now is then the ghost is how you found out
Wait until the ending is revealed off you go on your own
Orange leaves like a welcoming fire I can feel it can you feel it
Could be any century as far as I’m concerned sorry how you blind me
A shortage of pilots keep us grounded lost until you found it
Oh the light will show you where to follow off you go on your own
Inside out in case you’re feeling as if you’re about to be in flames
calm yourself you’ve got arson in ya as far as the eye can see
Track Name: Flat Earth
Flat Earth

Five senses through this imagining thing
All the extremes like dreams where you’re falling
Tangled in the wild, I’m a slow child.
World spins kung fu swirls in cages
See what you want, it’s an illusion.
Try to forget, you know it hasn’t happened yet.
Try and sell a stolen halo – they’re hot in demand, man.
Do you know it’s criminal?
Track Name: OK

Beesting unpredictable aching, shaking
I can be what you want
Create and imagine A different world
This door opens to a different world
Keeping up with the tradition I’m reading bleeding out
I can be what you want
Flood gate barely holding back
A different world
This door opens to a
different world

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